Take the time for development!


ELLiT AB is a consulting company focused in supporting companies to develop their bussiness activities. 

ELLiTs business idea is to be a long term partner in business development, market planning and construction of the orgnisation. The relaitionshop has to be built on high comeptence and a strong commitment combined with large respect for the companys own origin and its values.






To be a manager can in some situations be hard and lonely. High expecations from yourself and the people around you can make it difficult to always keep you positive in mind. ELLiT tries to help you sort out the different possibilities. The one you choose is then up to you to decide.


Business Development

Do you feel the market is reforming and the requirements on you as an entrepeneur increasing. What is the strategy to get the company to keep up with the development? ELLiT can be a support for you!


Market Plans

Attractive marketing material and active customer treatment are the keys for success. ELLiT will join you to the customer and make sure you have required material with you.